Barabara Doyle

About Barbara

Barbara was born and raised on Long Island, New York. Though typically refined, there ARE occasional moments when the loud, obnoxious New Yorker comes barreling out. (Hey, what happens at Girl's Camp, STAYS at Girl's Camp!) 

From a very young age, Barbara felt the power of music. There wasn't a hairbrush she owned that wouldn't magically transform into a microphone as she sang along to EFY cds while getting ready for school; pumping herself up to face the day and take on the world. (Cue Rocky music.)

When she was 16 years old, her Young Women's leader suggested she try writing a song for her Laurel's project. Barbara sat down, pen in hand, and 15 minutes later had her very. first. song. And to her astonishment, people actually LIKED it! That sparked the beginning of a new passion, songwriting.

There was never a question what kind of music Barbara would write. Barbara has a tremendous love for the Savior. She's felt the His love in her life and knows the joy and comfort that come from being close to Him. Her greatest desire is to create music that will touch people's hearts and bring them closer to Christ. 

In 2010, Barbara's song "One More Mile With You" took 1st place in Jenny Phillips' Songwriting Competition. Since then, Barbara has had the privilege of rubbing shoulders with and learning from some of the most successful professionals in the LDS Music Industry. Barbara's tender voice and heartfelt lyrics are capturing the hearts of all who hear them.

When not crafting songs, Barbara can be found camping & four-wheeling with her family, busting a move on the dance floor, risking her life playing church ball, reading Jane Austen novels for the umpteenth time, and devouring chocolate. 

Barbara and her husband currently live in Utah with their three children.